This podcast was produced by a  young producer from Roundhouse Radio, a developmental station for 14-25’s broadcasting 24/7 from the heart of The Roundhouse in Camden, for more info check out: http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/roundhouse-radio/

Why a Primary Careers Conference?

Children are capable of more than most adults imagine. Our vision is a place where every child and young person has a chance to succeed and where “nobody gets left behind.”

We believe that if children relate skills, values and school subjects to careers at an early age they will become more engaged with school and will get excited about their education.

During the conference attendees hear from inspirational speakers who have found success, often from a young age and with a focus on contributing to society.

Careers Champions!

Every child who attends the Primary Careers Conference becomes a Careers Champion.  Their mission will be to:

  • Share key messages from the conference with the rest of the school.
  • Plan a careers event in their school.
  • Inspire their classmates.

Participating schools will receive a Careers Event Guide packed with tips and ideas to get started.

Steps I Take, Marks I Make

All Champions will be encouraged to think about what steps they need to take to build their career and what mark they will leave on society.

The voice of girls is so important to help create a new world.
Learn how to speak. Learn how to be leaders.

Maggie O’Kane, the Guardian